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Product Certification
A manufacturer or a company may apply for Product Certification against requirements of a recognized standard. Products manufactured according to Malaysian Standards, International Standards or foreign National Standards are eligible to apply for WCM Product Certification Scheme. Participation in this Scheme is voluntary; however, any agency with regulatory role or function may require participation into Product Certification Scheme as a mandatory process.

Type of Certification
The WCM Product Certification Scheme is operated based on the ISO/IEC 17067 certification Type 5, where a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) to claim a product is certified is granted to the applicant once there are evidences that a product complies with the standard and produced under a supervised and monitored quality control system. Certified client under this Scheme is entitled to apply the WCM Certification Mark on the product to denote compliance with the standard.

Advantages of Certification

Product Certification provides the following advantages:

• It is an independent assurance that the product is manufactured under an effective system of testing, supervision and control.
• Purchasers or consumers need not carry out further tests, as the products are already certified to be in compliance with the standards.
• Certified products provide the user an assurance for safety and reliability.
• Certified products enjoy the benefits of protection against competition from substandard products and misrepresentation.
• Products bearing Product Certification Mark enhances the reputation of manufacturer and thus, extends market acceptability.
• Improved efficiency in production when wastage and rejects are reduced.
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